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Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
Hit my finger or all around me i always call the hit.

One thing i don't like tho, people shooting high up in the tree's so that the bb's hit people on their way down... doubt real bullet will do that but heh.
shh wanker the adults are talking haha

Wildcard, I heard about that Old fart convention holding you back... speaking of which get your liverspotted ass out to splatters in the new year.

there are no cheaters.. just hard targets.. there are no "invunerable" players.. just armoured combatants
Lol..that's great!

The idea of keep putting rounds into the guy til he does call hit is wise advise indeed (recall telling a person that on thursday as we had a minor case of NCHs in one skirmish)...just part of the piss off with "Armoured Combatants" is that the good players do call their hits even when dealing with ACs and in the end I think that is what is most annoying about the that they keep pushing forward and the players who do call hits are sitting out.

Brian you and I deal with small enough groups with indoor games that we can do something about the issue with ID'd cheaters, inform other hosts. I put that warning on the Splatters games this year... You break my rules and cause problems I'll make sure all the other hosts in the area know about you. Maybe we should start doing that with cheaters? ( I know it won't eliminate the problem since indoor venues attract different players and less players overall)... ok now I'm rambling in hopes I can avoid shoveling snow at a house that is not mine..

Maybe not an association of players cause in the number of attempts over the years it has never happened... maybe an association of HOSTS... smaller group. There's what..7 of us in Ontario (primary hosts, not "minions")

Be safe not just with yourself, but those you play with. If you are reckless with other peoples safety then you will leave.

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