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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
I was being somewhat bombastic to make a point, but, what I am really saying is if the "cheating" is so bad that the simulation is destroyed already, you have nothing to lose in correcting things by the direct approach. I don't advocate flying off the handle at the first sign of a questionable offense but rather going after those demonstrating a repeated disregard for the conventions that we all as airsofters have agreed to abid by... unfortunately it does not take many bad apples to derail a simulation.

Use the 'reasonable man' test. Is it reasonable to react to this - separating your emotions from it (as hard as it may seem at the time) and say, in an after-action report, would people look upon my attempt to correct the problem as disruptive or constructive. You want constructive obviously, so it really is a judgement call of sorts - not something I think one should make their first reaction - but at some point along the continuum it becomes a necessary response in order to prevent it from continuing.

Look, I KNOW some people at times think Clay and I are or can, or have the capacity to be disruptive at a game because of our intolerance towards this, but its a principled stance that we have decided to take after many years of seeing the alternative possible responses and their results. If it makes me less popular because of it, so be it, but, I do know people signing up for a Scarecrow/WP game KNOW bullshit won't be tolerated, and the game does run smoother because of it.

Not saying I'd take that approach and let my temper fly (of which I have none really, as shown when I met Sha-Do, he yelled at me in the face that I have an attitude, and my reaction was "HUH?", Drake who was there as well and knows me went "HUH? Stalker with an attitude? Not fucking likely!").

I shoot a guy, he doesn't call hit, if I saw the hit, I yell at the guy, 95% of the time they realize they got spotted not calling hit, they raise their hand and walk off. If I have to shoot a guy again, fine by me. But the once in a while approach you presented, just drop out of your position in the game and walk up to the guy and tell him can be very effective. I understood your words as just that, face to face "Smarten up!", not literally grabbing the guy and pinning him to a tree. Tempers should never be allowed to fly at any airsoft game. That is MUCH more of a stain on anyone's reputation than repeated not calling hits.
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