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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
I agree, and honest mistakes are easy to spot compared to blatant cheating.

Unfortunately the last few games I played last summer, as compared to many years past, I've noticed an increase in the amount of God Mode. Its always people I don't know and that nobody else seems to know or be able to identify.

Perhaps I should get out more, I dunno.
It seems it is often people who no one know. New players... improperly indoctrinated... Got their gun.. got their gear... and off to a game....with no one taking the time to clue them in. They are excited... and more than a little unclear on the rules...... Who"s fault is it if we let such people to just show up.. and meet expectations that they are not informed about?

This is exactly the reason why I require new players to participate in an indoctrination process at TTAC3. It allows me to put everyone on the same page ... then no one can say " I did not know"

Maybe what we need is a standard Indoctrination course for all new players.

The Sniper course is becoming accepted as credentials for the safe use of Higher power weapons.... Maybe we need to require people to meet a standard to participate? Or at the very least have a mandatory mentoring process.... Aw crap... now I'm talking about the trappings of an Association.
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