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Don't think for a second

That I believe that blatant disregard of the conventions of acceptable behavior should be tolerated...

What I am Advocating is not "acceptance of Cheating"

I am advocating only a "Shoot to effect" No one should go away from an engagement muttering.. "he should have taken that shot" He should not have a choice as he was shot till he took it.

It is unreasonable to expect a person wearing 3 layers of kit.. including 2 layers of magazines to react the same as someone wearing a t shirt to being shot. It will very likely take more "pressure" to get acknowlegement of the hit. This is often compounded with newer players who are frequently not experienced with discerning hits.

Some targets are harder than others.. and need to be shot more to get the result expected.. All I am Saying is shoot em till they go down.. I'd rather deal with people complaining about being shoot too much than deal with people complaining about "cheaters"

Personally If you wanna talk about "cheating" I feel it is a greater cheat to employ a bush for cover.. when it is obvious to all that 3 overlapping Poplar leaves won't stop a bullet. However this is common practice that is little questioned.

One thing that I really object to is branding groups of people as "Cheaters" when we all know that one or two boneheads on a field of 50 people is all it takes for the entire game to go a bit sour and rampant accusatons of widescale cheating to be levied.

As a host... I have a responsibiilty to deal with allegations of people ignoring hits.. despite my personal views on the issue.. I have no issues what so ever turfing someone who has been confirmed to be ignoring hits... I'll do it in a heartbeat... if I think the allegations are well grounded.. and I have done it when it was warranted.
I do it to preserve the Community Standard expectations... As any host should.

Rest assured I am 100% behind the .28 full auto solution.. in fact that is exactly what I am advocating.. Make cheating too painfull to consider.
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