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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
soft tissue + .28's = pain. Its a solution thats worked well for me.

Other than that, well said Brian. In a one-on-one that is a good philosophy to adopt. If you're a doormat or perhaps a sub.

Unfortunately there are instances where you have two or more teams going at it and you have one group exercising that philosophy and the other doesn't and doesn't call hits, and the game collapses because strategic and tactical objectives are lost to playing zen footsy with a bulletproof asshole. And whats worse than one bulletproof asshole is a team of bulletproof assholes. I've seen many strategies to deal with it, but my favorite is to just let Claymore loose on them. Its very satisfying watching a 250lb Scotsman drop his AK, and walk through a hail of fire and grab some guy by the scruff of the neck in order to gain his attention for some one on one counselling. It usually solves the problem fairly quickly. I believe making examples of cheaters and publically HUMILIATING THEM is a good place to start, rather than to condone their behaviour by passively tolerating it. I've said it many times before and I will say it here. TOLERATION IS A FORM OF CONSENT!

This does not mean I presume that if I shoot in someone's direction I will automatically hit them. But after 5 years of this game, when I have to unload a highcap on someone and they still don't call out, I won't tolerate that and I promise to be loud, rude, obnoxious and will do my best to spoil that person's day, because he's spoiling mine. Conservatively speaking, I think I spend between BBs, batteries, gas, game fee, etc, somewhere near the $100 per game mark (amortize out your equipment costs too) and when some asshole deprives me of my pastime because he decides to turn on GOD MODE, I believe that person is spending MY money on something I did not pay for. He paid to be part of a simulation that we all agreed to, and then he chooses to break that simulation and ruin my enjoyment - I didn't sign up for that. That person has no place at a milsim airsoft event.

My 0.02 cents
Didn't read this before unti lit was quoted, I actually rally like this approach and might actually do it someday. Well, not the 250lb guy thing, but just dropping everything and take a stroll up to the fucker(s) that cheating, and tell them to get the fuck off the field. Might be enough to stir up some nervousness and make them fly straight, if not, at least it'll lead to the next part, outline to the hosts and get their asses banned. Border War was a sight to behold, have never seen that amount of not calling hits before in my 3 years of playing airsoft in Ontario and Quebec. Not that I persoanlly shot someone who didn't call hit (like Scarecrow said, 0.28g + soft tissue = pain), but I witnessed a few times guys didn't call hits even though they had their own personal blizzard around their person.

BTW, I enjoyed hearing the Russian team discussing stuff on the radio, and yelling "*****!!!" into my radio a few times. Still wonder what they thought of that.
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