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Originally Posted by Azriel_Strife View Post
***Iv'e modified my post because a few details were not accurate, all dates are now accurate.***

Okay, I'm gonna take a moment and review my experience with because it was a bad one.

Is starts like this. I was browsing thru their selecetions looking for a half descent gun to buy my buddy for his birthday. I ended up getting him the Tactical Force TF7, I must say that it's held up very well for the last month and a bit. I decided I would get myself a CO2 airsoft pistol just as a half assed sidearm to my Kraken (CY.02 Gearbox and 370FPS with.2's) while I was at it and save some shipping. I also ordered a speed loader and a laser. I made my order and the package got to my house in good time 4-5 days.

Took all the stuff out of the box, the TF7 worked flawlessly, the laser worked as expected for 20 bucks (good enough for a pistol), and the speed loader worked too.

The CO2 pistol itself (swiss arms, P2022 CO2) had a large crack in the body and the magazine leaked co2 until it was empty. Took about 5 minutes to empty a brand new cylinder with no shots fired. As far as I'm concerned the crack alone was rediculous, the gun was SOLID, it had to be treated pretty bad to crack like that. So I emailed them immediately about this, only minutes after receiving my package.

Problem #1 occured when I emailed them about the faulty product. I sent 3 emails to them, it was 5 days from the first email I sent before I got a reply.

Problem #2 occured after they emailed me back the info. They gave me the address to ship it to, said to send it back C.O.D. That was all well and good. I sent them the package and it got to Red Deer Tuesday the 9th. I figured I'd have the gun back that week no problem, it's only 2 days to Red Deer with standard shipping. Boy was I wrong, they didn't pick the gun up from their post office until Thursday the 11th. Man was I pissed.

Problem #3 was when I assumed it would get sent out on that same Thursday. I was wrong again. It was sent Friday the 12th. So it should have been here Friday the 19th at the latest. It never showed up.

Problem #4 occured when I emailed them about it not showing up on the 19th. It took until october 24th for them to respond to this. They stated that it was sent out on the 12th, and sent me a receipt of this. My product not showing up is definitely in Canada Post's hands.

One other thing that bothers me, there is absolutely no contact information on their website other than a form you fill out. They do have, but Iv'e waited days for a reply from that address. kinda seems fishy having no contact details. I'd like to be able to talk to the guy I'm giving my money to.

I must say that the tardy replies and all this waiting was a less than good experience. They lost alot of customers through this ordeal. All my Club members know of this mix up. However, they did in the end come through for me and send me a little something extra. I got a P90, and a Camo Tac Vest for my trouble.

I am going to inform my group members that they did in the end come through, but it is still no excuse for the service I received. I would have been much happier to be able to use the gun I ordered in the games I missed out on.
Originally Posted by aZn_triXta07 View Post
I had issues with but they resolved them, even sent me a free gun. I guess it's cause I was the only person promoting them on ASC. Just keep bugging them, threaten to contact RCMP etc.

Well its good that in the end they sent you something extra for your trouble, im sure that theyre are a lot of other places out there that wouldn't even bother to apoligize or anything.
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