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It's the soccermom-ism that makes these kids into whiny little bitches. Thinking back to when I was a kid, I can't even conceive of complaining about as small as a SOFT AIR welt (which is likely much less powerful than anything we use). Man, we would have been so ostracized from our peer group for that.

Astles' son, who turns 12 this month, was so angry by media reports characterizing the incident as a prank, he acted out at school Wednesday and was sent home until the new year.
On that alone, he deserves getting shot. When I was in school, this is the kid who would find himself hung upside down with his head in the toilet bowl during lunch hour.

Don't get me wrong, the shooter was an idiot, too. But this is blown way out of proportion. Everyone in this story is wrong, including the principal and school board. Like WTF, do kids now LIKE being in school? You now get punished by not having to get up in the morning and getting to stay home and watch TV and play Xbox all fucking day? Holy fucking shit! Can I get retroactively suspended!? Please? I'll gladly 'fess up to all the shit I did when I was in school.
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