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Being an airsoft sniper and having guys either not feel the hits, of feel them, look down to where they got hit, then conitnue firing is fucking annoying, not just because of that, but because if you yell at the fucker to call him out you give your position away.

Since I'm one to count kills, any hit I get with my rifle is a kill for me. I decided long ago that I collect kills, I don't wait for the other guy to give me the kill. If I see my rounds hit him and he reacts to it, then ignores it, it's a kill for me. I've gotten two to three kills off one guy before, is why I started counting each hit as a kill. Not only does it prove you did your job (BB on target), but annoucing later publically:

"Hey man, great game, loved killing you those three times from 200ft away!"

"Huh, what do you mean?"

"I shot you three times, each one you felt the hit, looked down to your chest where the BB hit, then ignored it, so I got three kills on you. Thanks!"

Great way to casually point out someoone who plays dishonestly, by publically embarrassing them.
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