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Here is where my head is at

I know that all of the people I play with or against are honorable, none of them are cheaters..

We shoot with guns firing a very light weight projectile.. it is easy to not perceive a hit. It is always from my perception not their fault that they did not feel it.

If I shoot someone and they do not react.. I assume .. every time that I either missed or they did not feel it.. I give them the benefit of the doubt every time.. and shoot them again.

At the end of the day the only thing we leave the field with is our honour..and I can only control my own behavior.. I am not the arbitor of any one else's honour. All I can do is ensure that I give my friends every opportunity to behave well by making sure that there is no doubt that the hit was good. I can only do this by shooting until I get a clear indication that the hit was good.
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