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This is from another forum with basically the same discussion:

Originally Posted by macguyver View Post
I have noticed myself that biggest issue for on-field and on-forum whining is the old "not calling their hits" crap. I'll clue those in who are new, and maybe remind some of the more seasoned players, it's the oldest story in airsoft.

Many veteran players become complacent, and this is problem #1. They think that because they've owned the gun for XXXX years, that they know how it shoots, they know the trajectory of every BB, they know it's exact range, and they know exactly when to pull the trigger. So, if they shoot at you and you didn't call hit, well, you a cheatin' SOB.

I'm here to tell you that this just isn't the case. Nobody has that refined level of depth perception, nor can they even see their BB fly most of the time. No gun is that consistant (despite claims to the contrary), and nobody has that good of aim and nerves of steel to pull off the perfect shot all the time.

Now, problem #2 is newer players. Sometimes, they don't always understand the rules, which is fine, nobody's perfect. It's the job of the seasoned players to mentor the junior ones, at least a little bit, and help them along. Yelling or whining does not accomplish this. Sure, frustration can get the best of you sometimes, hell, it happens to me all the time. But who looks like an ass when a "situation" arises, the new guy or the old guy?

Problem #3 is gear. Guys aren't wearing t-shirts and SDS racks anymore. Now, guys are using plate carriers and full BDUs, and guns are getting better and engagement distances are longer. So, when BBs hit, they have less kinetic energy to impact the well-armoured player. So, who's at fault? The guy getting hit can't always tell, and the guy shooting should wait until the opponent is closer to ensure a clean hit. Don't bitch if he can't feel your shots. Hit him again.

I have a personal opinion on hits that seems to solve all these issues. Shoot the guy until you hear "HIT". But not empty a C-mag, several singles or a solid 5 round burst is sufficient.

Play no mercy rules whatsoever, then there is no issue. All shots are fair game, from head to toe, again there's no issues. If your head is all you present, expect it to get shot. And airsoft guns are not that accurate that you can aim away from a headshot at 200 feet and be guaranteed to avoid them.

Realize that you are not a perfect player, and nor is the other guy playing with you or against you, and be prepared to give the benefit of the doubt.

Do these things, there won't be any issues in airsoft, and all will have fun.
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