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Originally Posted by whoha View Post
Now as we move into the christmas season things will slow down as I'm one person and I check out every signup to keep underage and spammers out. so I'm away this weekend as I need a break so saturday night dec 15 till mid afternoon dec 16 I'm not around. if you need answers quick ask one of my gunsmiths thundercactus on asc
Taking the weekend off!? Who does that!? /end sarcasm

Definitely take that time off - in fact, take the whole weekend off, I would think most of us do. Don't burn yourself out. I am of the belief that people work to improve their quality of living and work should not detract from one's quality of living. Obviously there are periods in the year where there can be super long days but it shouldn't become the norm.

And from a completely selfish perspective, it would SUCK to lose a retailer because he worked so much and so hard that he lost interest and stopped enjoying it. My 2.


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