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Originally Posted by Ridiculous132 View Post
I find that when you snipe, you often get people ignore the hits, either because they just don't realize they've been hit (my VSR-10 is not too powerful and I tend to shoot from quite far), or because they're cheaters. But most of the time people just don't realize. I'm not mad at them, but the next shot will be to a more exposed place. Not bare skin, just less kitted spot, like the leg. If I'm really far or the guy is really thick, I go for the goggles, and I've almost never hit people in the face, and even then it doesn't hurt too much because the BB has lost alot of it's velocity once there. Ok Aper might disagree on this one, I got him pretty bad once he he.

I find the goggle shot to be quite satisfying and very effective
This is an excellent example of when it just does not matter if they feel it.. if you can shoot someone... and they don't even realize they have been hit.. is that not the most satisfying outcome possible for a Sniper?

They're dead... and they don't even know it..

I think for snipers in particular.. the attitude has to be about personal success. Get the shot.. know you got the shot.. and remain unseen.

What difference if they don't go down? If you hit them once... you can do it again. and the next shot goes someplace meaty.
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