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hi all,

thnaks for all the support here and the site is still a prject not done as I rolled it out before I had it all done but it was close enough to get it up. great feedback from everyone on the bugs and such and anything you find or want us to try and to the site let me know. I think the site is faster and once I find all my broken pictures i will start putting new items up. thanks again everyone.
oh remember filling out a false address is not a good thing to do.make sure you have in your birth date also if your asc approved this helps or if your on an airsoft team let me know as we are working on team rates for teams so that I can give some deals. Now as we move into the christmas season things will slow down as I'm one person and I check out every signup to keep underage and spammers out. so I'm away this weekend as I need a break so saturday night dec 15 till mid afternoon dec 16 I'm not around. if you need answers quick ask one of my gunsmiths thundercactus on asc


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