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Originally Posted by sdsbwc View Post
i think the "shoot for effect" idea is good, but at the same time its unfortunate it has to come to that. and yes, it is true that these "harder targets" serve as better training, but it becomes really frustrating when these "harder targets" become impossible targets.

i for one play for the training aspect of it all, the fun is an awesome bonus. but these harder targets completely take away the fun, and in turn take away any motivation to continue participating in the "training". i really dont consider shooting a guy a good 10-20 times without result "training". especially when its your training that youve recieved (eg. minimal exposure) that makes this person think its just "ricochets" cause he cant see you.
For me personally, i really dont want to shoot someone in the head, esp. at a place like ttac when engagements are much closer than outdoors, esp. when some people dont wear full face protection.

well anyways its late, im tired, enough whining, im startin to feel like colin :P

i guess at the end of the day, this is just the unfortunate reality of playing an honour based game, when some people simply have no honour.
I get that, and in the exceptions.. the crappy feeling is all you take away..

I've been in similar situations... in this case it was a fellow flagging his gun.. I kept shooting it.. ( we play gun hit is gun out ) he kept pulling it back and poking it out again... Eventually I just waited till I could see the arm.. then fired..

My point is... at the end of the day it does not matter if someone takes it or not.. as long as I know I hit and where..

In the case you describe above.. look at it this way... you shot 30 arms.. so somewhere there are 30 wounded guys.. Did you hold that line.. did you neutralize the advance? did you tie up that entry ... did your skill at arms make a difference when matched against the opponent...

Yes to all.. you win The fact that one fellow.. allowed you to acheive all of that... its a good outcome
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