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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
This is also why I follow a fire for effect rule.. You shoot.. and keep on shooting till the other guy calls hit..Never pop 2 at him and then hope he takes it this is a certain path to hard feelings and dissatisfaction with the game.

Every time you get shot by anyone.. it is because you did something wrong.. or you put yourself in a situation where getting shot was the logical outcome.( This is still doing something wrong but sometimes it happens ) It is not because " the other guy Cheated" Remember.. there are no cheaters... just hard targets.. and armoured opponents..Who in the end Challenge you to be a better player.
In the past when I did the "fire for effect" rule I was deemed as a harsh person by some members of this forum who no longer plays, At first i always aim for the biggest mass ( the body ) but after a while as the method of the game is played and the outfit or kit we wore evolved I have switch from body shots to open area shots (head, neck, exposed skin area etc.) and i find this more effective than doing short burst or multiple shots where the intended target just simply walk away to another hiding spot, I find that a well tuned scope or red dot sight is quite helpful in the hide and shoot situation.

I see your point of taking cheaters as a challenge and a way to improve your tactics but majority of the times our emotions get the better of us and quite often we seek a way of retribution towards such players instead of taking the high road, or maybe I'm just getting old and grumpy and just want to play with out all the bitching and moaning.
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