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Dr StrangeBB

Or how I learned to stop hating cheaters and embrace the Game.

Quite frequently over Beer and Smokes in the Operators Lounge at TTAC3 post Friday Firefight, the conversation turns to "calling hits"

It is rare... but occasionally we do have incidents of "invulerability" at TTAC3, Typically it is a newer player.. or someone who is overkitted. Like the one fellow who showed up wearing a life jacket.. as body armour..
He was like the freaking Terminator... anyway I digress

I enforce a strict "no calling other players Hits" rule,I hate to hear people shouting across the floor, "What about that hit you fucker!!" almost as much as I hate hearing the under the breath muttering about "so and so is a cheater"

The rule is... If you think you hit someone.. but they don't react.. you missed. This goes along with the "if you think you were hit.. then you were" rules... the two together.. produce some good results and we don't have many issues.

Anyway... Cheaters... What is a Cheater..

Pathology of a Cheater

At the most basic recognized level it is a person who knowingly does not acknowledge being hit.. and shoots others ( typically the one who shot them) after ignoring a hit. These people can really get the blood up... shouting and bad feelings are their stock in trade... they cultivate rightious indignation..they are the scourge of fair play... and thankfully they are quite rare.

The stress of dealing with cheaters

is based in the sense of fair play.. and competition that is the single most artificial aspect of the game of airsoft.. This ain't tag with guns...Though lots of people behave like it is.

The use of Airsoft guns in Tactical or military simulation is to enhance the experiance of "realism" in simulations...

I ask you .. what could be more realistic than an opponent that does not behave as expected when shot? An Opponent that fights back and does not quit until you completely dominate them and without doubt neutralize them with effective fire? An opponent that could be wearing many sorts of possible protection that could make them resistant to "incidental" hits and can only be taken out by mutiple strikes at center of body mass..

Would not such an opponent be worthy? Challenging.. demanding?

I say the path to happyness in airsoft play is not in eradicating cheaters ( though that would be a nice ... if impossible goal ) but in accepting that cheaters do not in fact exist.. there are no cheaters.. just hard targets.. there are no "invunerable" players.. just armoured combatants.

Dealling with "hard targets" and "armoured" combatants demands the best out of YOU , that you fire from cover, that you dominate with effective fire, that you concentrate the fire of many on a few.. in short dealing with such adversity demands that you play better... at higher skill with greater cunning and rise to the challenge.

And in the end when you walk off after having poured fire onto an opponenet who then turned and shot you... Do you still not leave knowing you won that engagement? That had the bullets been real.. it would be you walking away.. and him left on the field?
For the diciplined player.. who wants to get better.. this alone should be enough. If the bullets were real... there would be no question..

If there is one thing that is true... Combat is not about "fair play" it is about dominating your opponent..With individual skill at arms and with movement, formations and effective fire.. If the bullets were real.. no one would expose themselves to fire.. hoping the other guy will go down first.

This is also why I follow a fire for effect rule.. You shoot.. and keep on shooting till the other guy calls hit..Never pop 2 at him and then hope he takes it this is a certain path to hard feelings and dissatisfaction with the game.

Every time you get shot by anyone.. it is because you did something wrong.. or you put yourself in a situation where getting shot was the logical outcome.( This is still doing something wrong but sometimes it happens ) It is not because " the other guy Cheated" Remember.. there are no cheaters... just hard targets.. and armoured opponents..Who in the end Challenge you to be a better player.
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