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The way I enjoy airsoft is not really milsim. I'll try to explain.

Milsim is good; the clothes, tactics, guns and equipment add up to a look that puts your mind into a set space.

WHat works for me after years of dealing with real guns is how real the airsoft look. Also how their appearance make me react when I look down the business end.

One part of my brain knows it's a toy, it wont hurt or kill me. But another deeper part wants to find a deep hole and hide. That part makes the adrenalin flow, and makes the game fun.

If the person holding the gun is also wearing the right equipment, and moving with practice and teamwork, I'm impressed. It adds to the flavor of the game.

I can understand when people dont have the perfect BDUs or look. As long as they try is fine with me.

Anyone using paintball clothes, fully civilian outfits that stand out (unless part of a scenario) or stupid techniques will totally ruin my enjoyment of the game.

Does that make sense?
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