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im one who also plays in the grey area. my preference is multiple objectives/scenerio based games. only played one mil/sim this past season but there is lots to be said for mil/sim style of play. this one was "DIRTBAG" and "SEEKAH'S" 16 hr long tac/sit and it was a blast. the intensity of that game was amazing. the enemy accidently breached our perimiter at two of our preset reloading zones. we were only allowed to refill our mags at these locations,with limitation on hi-caps and a ban on box mags you can see our dilema! by the time it was all said and done all of our rifleman were out of ammo,i was down to 12 rds in my socom,our snipers were handcuffed by engagement ranges and were down to pistols,even had a couple of our defenders mercy kill with emty weapons! super intense play! on a side note "DIRTBAG" is setting up four more of those style of games for the coming season.

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