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Originally Posted by Yuxi View Post
Personally, I prefer FR as a field for what it has, what it is, and its prices, as well as just how god damn well Joe treats us. Many good memories from that field, I sure as hell hope Joe can find another area, because that man knows how to create and run a great field!
You havent been to Wasaga have you? Its like 3 FlagRaiders; Im bored of FR but Wasaga is so big its not possible to play on every field in a day. Im not a fan of the tacky cowboy town or the tank field but it has a lot of other forest type fields and much better built structures. And it has running water and electricity! And indoor facilties! This makes a big difference during those cold, frozen rain winter days.

FR is a great field though as it is closer and its great for night games. And Joe does treat us slightly better than Wasaga. It also has the old field which is great when you get sick of the new field. I hope Joe uses this as an opportunity to make the new new field even better than before

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