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Haha yeah that's what I was thinking hehe.....dicks! Waterloo..ians might be forced to come here, but we don't have any damned reason to go south there haha! Shit falls down hill....

I read about the decision in The Record. They don't say anything about where an exeptable area actually exists for FR. I seriously hope the new one is still around here though. Does anyone know exactly what all this zoneing bullshit is? Like if you can't operate in urban, sub-urban, industrial OR rural areas..where the hell are you supposed to go??

And since when was there a Cambridge Times??

Cambridge's mayor seems kinda like a dick what with his strict opposision to amalgamation and all, as well as this

I say mighty Kitchener rises up and takes all these other cities and townships by force! It's going to have to happen eventually anyway. Maybe we shouldn't let people know what we used to be called when it comes times to take over Waterloo Region hehe
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