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Warning: warthers_originals_online

So here is my buying experience with John Warther's eBay store: warthers_originals_online

Short version
I bought a front end from his eBay store. He avoided sending it out for over a month. I got my money back 41 days after I had initially paid for it.

Long version
I was poking around just over a month ago and found a store that stocked Classic Army parts at very low prices. I found a CQBR front end set for $110 and figured I would take advantage of the dollar and snag it. I shot Mr. Warther two separate messages asking if I would have any problems having this shipped over the boarder and if it came with an inner barrel. He said that he usually labeled his packages as automotive parts and totally dismantled with each piece individually wrapped. Also, that the kit did in fact come with an inner barrel (even though it wasn't listed in the auction) and he would walk me through the process. Each question I had was responded to within 24 hours.

I thought to myself, great! He has a feedback score of 1650 and a 97.1% Positive Feedback rating. Not too shabby, but not so great either. But he seemed like a nice enough guy so I paid for the item and waited.

Seven days after I paid for the front end, I went online to search for some other things, and I noticed that the auction had disappeared. Panic, and frustration kicked in. I went to his online store and was horrified to see that ALL of his auctions had been deleted. There was nothing for sale in his store. Maybe he has sent it out already, I thought to myself.

So I send him a message requesting the status of the item and if he knew why the item had been deleted. To his credit he responded quickly and told me he would have my package out the door at the end of the week (12 days after the purchase date). I also contacted eBay's support as a precaution, and was actually very impressed with the quality of service. They told me all the deadlines for making claims and laid out the options I had clearly and in great detail.

A quick google search of his name resulted in a bunch of airsofters that have been burned by John.

After 13 days I email him again to see if he had sent anything out, and I got no response. At this point I was a little fed up so I emailed eBay to ask for John's phone number to try and resolve the issue. 16 days after my payment I sent John an email asking him when it would be convenient for me to call him. He responded the same day, with an email stating that he was trying to convince eBay that he wasn't selling real steel, and that he would have my package out by Friday (19 days after payment). This whole time, I had kept the tone of my message polite, because, I figured that being mean, wasn't going to get my my package any faster.

Friday comes and goes and a response to my delivery request reads, "My paypal account until this coming Wednesday.. So, I won't be able to send you the front or refund you until then.." I wasn't really sure what he meant, so I figured I'd wait until Wednesday and then it was dispute time.

Wednesday passes and none of my emails are responded to. So 29 days after I paid for the front end I open a dispute and request a refund. Within 12 hours the case was closed by John as he accepted my request. No apologies or anything. I had to wait another week for the funds to clear.

I gave this guy the benefit of the doubt. I don't know his situation, but leaving customers in the dark, while holding over a hundred dollars in limbo for a month, isn't really all that professional. Neither is lying about when he was going to send out my package... three times. So I guess I leave this post as a warming.

The worst part of the whole thing is that since my auction was deleted, I couldn't leave any feedback. As it stands to this date, his store is still empty. But from what I have read on other forums, this isn't the first time he has been shut down.

If anyone is interested John is the leader of a squad out in Oregon.

And on a funny note, there is a guy on their team named Claymore. He kinda looks like our Claymore.
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