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Originally Posted by jesster202 View Post
im 18 im going to be age varfied soon i am just going to set up a meeting with the guy that lives in london after x mass and sorry for the spelling and i know u may consider me a noob i was only asking a simple question because i have no idea what was up and i though that this site was made to help and try to make airsoft a popular game despiet all the rules and laws that are trying to forbid it i just wantted to get into the sport yes i have tryed it out in the states i have done my reascarch thats why i want to buy form ken and no one else due to the fact that he plays him slef cares about the coustmer and sorry for trying to ask a question about this
Posting here is not a race. You can take the time and make the effort to type correctly. You can even use the spell-check option.
Why does it matter? Because what you write is the only contact we have with you. What you wrote is painful to read.
Please complete your user profile.
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