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Originally Posted by kev007 View Post
Man, your inner soccer mom must be strong because that's the only way I can see why you'd take all that time to write so much bitchiness without taking any time to actually read my post. The worst part is that I tried to make my message as succinct as possible, even using numbered point form! Had you read it, you would have noticed the following:

- I have searched and am aware of the issues around this.
- I'm not asking about how to smuggle anything. I clearly state I am referring to people who declared their goods upfront.
- What I am asking for is a show of hands of people who have actually had their stuff seized when crossing the border in a specific and above board situation.

Last I checked, there aren't any threads asking this particular question and it appears there are other people here (regulars even!) who wonder the same thing.

In case you only read the last line of this message (as I suspect you will), I'll write something that may irritate you enough to go back and read it all:

Stop acting like a child and start thinking. When a site like this one does not answer your question, it's a message in itself.
If you feel targeted by my response, well, if the shoe fits...
Go get your brain in gear. You'll find the answers.
-You have searched? Your search missed.
-Even if you declare it, a Prohibited item is still Prohibited. As said by many; it does not matter unless you stumble on an idiot at the Border station.
-People did raise their hands, and the consequences were told to you. A bit more research would have given you entire shipments seized, and businesses going into court. Instead of trying it out myself, I chose to read their experiences which I found by searching.

Then I got to think: With all the experienced people here, someone would have said something a long time ago if it made sense.

Call me what you want kid, as long as you start to use your brains instead of your anger.
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