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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post

I just dropped nearly five times the cost of an AEG in US on a new one from 007. It cost me a shitload more, but I'm 100% guarenteed to get my AEG. I'm getting it legally, and I'm not putting airsoft in danager.
I wish that youre are not serious about getting it legally.
What its more legal in a law point of view?

Trying to import an AEG yourself or buying from a Canadian store?

Buying at those stores is just as illegal as to import them yourself, we all know that they dont have the right to sell you those guns unless youre in the movie business etc...

Another important thing, what was causing all the problems to this community in the past was big seizures from sellers, that dont care much and want to make more money, not the average joe who want to import a single AEG imho.

So all this double talk makes me laugh. You import AEG at your risk, buying from the seller = less risk but both are illegal. If the RCMP wanted to do some damage they have the power to seize the store and can come to your house and seize the AEG you bought from them. In both cases you're in deep shit if its get seized. You will surely wish that both CBSA and RCMP wont do their jobs.
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