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How much do you spend on airsoft parts per year?

I am just running a poll to figure out some numbers for a business plan.

I should be opening a store sometime in the new year. I am currently pending a loan from my bank. They are asking me to get some rough numbers for them. I am hoping you guys can help me, to help you.

The one thing I ask, is for the purpose of this thread, we can keep on the topic of airsoft spending and nothing else.

When the time comes to talk about my business, I will create a separte thread.

To answer the one question that is bound to come up sooner rather then later, my business WILL NOT be selling any kinda of guns.

So without further ado, I would like to know the ammount of money that the average players spends on parts every year.

For the purpose of this poll parts includes gear, batteries and mechbox parts.
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