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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
On forums like these, before you ask a question like this one, you should read a lot.
After you have read a lot and found: Posts that say "Buy In Canada and here's Why" and no posts that say "Here's how to import legally from Outside Canada"... your next step should be to wonder why that is?

So why is it that a popular forum full of experienced people does not suggest getting airsoft from outside Canada? Because everyone here is too dumb to have tried? Like to spend extra cash? Or we all know better and there are consequences?

It's like the constant questions about "Is there a retailer in my province?" The answer is always "If they are not on the list above each page, no, or they are not reputable."

There's reading, there's doing research, and there's reasoning. It all goes together (normally).

I have to ask, do they not teach the basic techniques to find out information in schools anymore? How about what's called "reading between the lines"?

I could understand better if all this information was super obscure and all over the internet, but it's all (or mostly) on this site. What is not can be found using the links on this site.

Maybe I went to school too long, or too long ago. (What part of Smuggling and Illegal are unclear???)

Man, your inner soccer mom must be strong because that's the only way I can see why you'd take all that time to write so much bitchiness without taking any time to actually read my post. The worst part is that I tried to make my message as succinct as possible, even using numbered point form! Had you read it, you would have noticed the following:

- I have searched and am aware of the issues around this.
- I'm not asking about how to smuggle anything. I clearly state I am referring to people who declared their goods upfront.
- What I am asking for is a show of hands of people who have actually had their stuff seized when crossing the border in a specific and above board situation.

Last I checked, there aren't any threads asking this particular question and it appears there are other people here (regulars even!) who wonder the same thing.

In case you only read the last line of this message (as I suspect you will), I'll write something that may irritate you enough to go back and read it all:

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