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Originally Posted by redmond View Post
I know this sounds crazy, but there is a way for new members to find the information they're looking for without people spoon feeding them.

Don't post in their threads. They will get frustrated because nobody will answer their question, thus being forced to click the neat little search button on the top right.
It does not work. Why? Because we then get several "You're all meanies" posts and "You're not supporting new/future members" crap, or "Why dont you answer (spoonfeed) the guy? Are you elitist or something?", or "What if it's not in the FAQ?" (when it usually is).

We all know that airsoft will totally die if we dont answer questions from teenagers, even if they are in the FAQ they refuse to read (or understand after reading it).

I can repeat information, I can tell them exactly where it is, I can even show them how to find out more. Few even try.

Believe it or not, there WAS a section just for newbies to ask questions, with ALL the FAQ and guides many of us took hours to write in there.
Want to take a wild guess at what happened?
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