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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
These things worth getting?

How much easier is it to do a mag change than with standard G36 Mags..

I used my G36c last night.. and I can say I'm extremely unimpressed... I really really dislike G36 mags..
Mag changes are easier with the conversion. The mags slide straight in and drop straight out. Depending on the make of the mag though as some will be tighter than others. Other than the "cool" factor of visible rounds, G36 mags don't really have an advantage. The tabs on the sides are prone to breaking, two clipped G36 mags take up the space of 3 Armalite mags and the tabs snag on everything. Most gear is made to accomodate Armalite mags anyhow. My Arktis vest could carry 8 G36 mags or 12 M4/M16 mags. My TT pouches will only hold one G36 mag each because of the tabs or 2 M4/M16 mags with Magpuls or 3 M4/M16 mags without Magpuls.
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