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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
Where? Shes mine! Someone get some steak sauce.

On one of the last few trips I took to Seatle, I found one of these.

When I declared it, the agent took it, and pulled the pin out of in and held it for a about 10 seconds before putting the pin back in and handing it back to me, he stated that it was the funniest item he had seen all day, and that was that. It sits on my desk and my coworkers who come to visit me, walk in, and always pull the pin out.
I have one of those as well that I bought at a store in Upstate NY, except mine an old 'pineapple' style grenade. (and it's featured in my avatar pic) It also sits on my desk at work ad people pull the pin on it all the time.

Had a similar incident with the customs officer who inspected it. He pulled the pin and released the spoon as part of his inspection. When it didn't blow up after 10 seconds or so, he handed the parts back to me. Is it just me, or was that not the most moronic thing ever? Had it been a live grenade, he would have done nothing more than blow himself up with it. lol Guess they don't hire rocket scientists as customs inspectors.
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