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Give it a try ! Pretty sure far in you mind you think you can do it.

1) The airsoft were transported in person in a car at the US border (ie, not mailed in or flown in) : When you are doing that shake a pespsi can and throw it saying ''Fire in tha hole''

2) The airsoft were declared upfront instead rather than smuggled/snuck in : Sure ! Anybody already tried that...

3) The airsoft were not being brought in for commercial use (ie, so the importer was not trying to bring in a large qty of the same model or a qty that seemed unusual for personal use (10+) : Order a minigun....and make a video with it !

4)Get age verified and buy here !

5)God forgive these words : WTF happen to ASC on the past week ??
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"Go FAQ yourself"
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