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Originally Posted by kos View Post
Hmm. Perhaps Ken works with who was in line first? My replies were lightning quick. 2-3 within 45mins.
We're looking at close to a month now since my first email to him about the KJW M9, and I'm still waiting for a reply on that one. And 2-3 weekd for the other emails about the CA M15A4 rifle I wanted. Still no replies there either.

Sorry, but IMO, that's was a turnoff for me with 007. Not saying he's a bad guy, etc. People seem to like dealing with Ken, and that's great. For me, it's about being acknowledged as a customer, and I didn't get that, so my business goes elsewhere. Unfortunately, there's only one other competitor, so A&A it was...

Originally Posted by Mr. G36! View Post
Remember that Ken ships with Purolator, insures the packages, and delivery requires a signature. I don't think Mark insures unless you ask him to and pay for it, he ships with Canada Post I believe, and signatures aren't required unless you request it. So while you're paying less with Mark, there's a better chance that you'll get what Ken ships to you.
All my packages from A&A (the guns, at least) arrived shipped by Canada Post, insured, and requiring signatures. And I had them within 4 business days of ordering.
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