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The items in particular were indeed pistols and parts. And the price difference was much greater than just the cost of taxes. The KJW M9 I bought from A&A (Even after taxes and shipping) was cheaper than the price 007 has it listed for (before shipping). I had actually emailed about that as well asking about price matching. No reply after 5 days or so, so I went with A&A. There's also a $20 difference in the price of the mags for this gun. There were a few other products too that seemed seriously overpriced at 007 compared to A&A. I'll look at a wider range of products once A&A is back up and compare.

But for me, it all came down to who actually replied to my email. I emailed Mark. Got a reply within a couple of hours saying that the gun I wanted wasn't in stock, but he had some coming in. I emailed 007... waited.. emailed again, waited, and again...

Then Mark got the gun I wanted and I bought it there instead... Simple as that. Came down to a matter of communication for me. I like being ackknowledged when I'm looking to give someone my money.

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