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Originally Posted by LyquidFyre View Post
What's a little worrisome is the guy covering the door. He's dead in front of it the entire time...if notices that there are people trying to blow down their front door then decide to give the door a burst or two, that dude is toast.
Yeah, but his job is to cover the guy that has his face AT the door applying the explosives. IE. Someone comes to door, opens it finds SWAT team applying explosives to his door and instead of just having one SWAT guy looking up going "Hmm shit... pistol?" there is a guy standing ready with his rifle on the door that when it cracks he's wasting everyone and everything behind the door. As for someone just shooting through the door, whats to stop them from doing that to the putting the explosives on?

Looks like a good formation to me, left and right corners are covered, no one's sneaking up 'round the side of the barn on them. Door is covered and looks like the guy covering the right hand side is also taking charge of the window, leaving the two guys nothing but the door to worry about.

Also, this is Brazil guys, not only that its a training facility, I do not believe that door is true and plumb. Its actually closed I thinks, because they would be applying the explosives to the hinged side, which means door falls down. If you blow the dead bolt side, the door "could" still hang there and pose another obstacle to slow/trip up the SWAT team getting in. Also means another hand off weapon to move the door.

The only thing sloppy here, is that the guy seems to fumble a little bit with the explosives, but its training and who knows, this could be the first or maybe second time he's done it, big deal, that's why he's at school :P

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