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While listening to this song pretty much drunk i'll try to hold my composure together and make a legitimate reply. The song being "Too much, too young, too fast" by Airbourne. An ACDC sounding track newly put out by the aussie band much influenced by the old school rock bands including acdc. If this makes any sense i'll say take it slow and normal at first. Buy a half decent AEG and learn from it. Learn how to fix it, upgrade it and then move on. But hey, what can I say ive never owned nothing more then a $600 CA M15A4. But I look at it this way, take it easy in the beginning... spend your time learning off it if not more.... then work your way up. For some people there is nothing more mighty and higher then a PTW. Its for some, the final step in the airsoft world.. but right now only being in the 5.56 AR world..... Yaaaa I mean im drunk and im saying more then I would normally.. but it happens. Personally not owning a PTW or even the new mp5's I wouldn't bother making a comment or buying one. Let the ones with deep pockets do the thinking and reviewing and make your decisions from there. Theres no need to jump on the band waggon and try right out of the gate.. just take your time and learn off of what we have. No ones going to kick you in the nuts for having a cheap AEG.. everyone has to start from somewhere!

take it cool, take it slow... have some fun!
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