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The price for the '08 PTW line is going up significantly in January. As Systema is moving out old '07 stock and replacing it with '08, they have graciously agreed to extend the current pricing, even though the new electronics and ne motor are significanly more expensive. When the '07 stock is gone (and it may already be) we will see a large price jump. Some estimates I've heard are $1800 U.S., which will put it in the $3000 price range in Canada. Then, with mags, cylinders, batteries, it's not hard to see $4000 for an actual game-able gun. Then add on rails, optics, whatever (not unique to a PTW at all) and a $5000 investment is possible and probable in just 1 gun.

It is known in the circles of PTW owners that the cost of the gun itself is about half the total cost to get it on the field. It may be less, but you'll have to give up the flexibility and battery life on the field in order to keep those costs down.

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Fair enough. I see where you are coming from with the SCK point. I was speaking more from the idea of a factorybuilt PTW anyways.
And this is a problem with Systema in Japan and it shopws up in Canada. I've said it before, but apparently it's been missed. The kits are very commonly the only PTWs available. In Europe, they have a real hate on for them and most distributors and retailers refuse to stock or sell them. The inability of the kits to be as reliable or perform as well not only gives the PTW an undeserved bum rap, but causes alot of grief for the retailer.

In Canada, we haven't learned this lesson apparently. The rest of the world has, that's why it's difficult to get factory assembled guns, and many models are constantly unavailable, like the CQB-R was all this year. There are very few factory assembled PTWs in Canada, and a reasonable ratio would likely be 1 assembled for every 10 kits. But people jump on the kits, not only because they can save money, but because they can get custom trades and would like the challenge.

I surely hope that Systema does do anything so stupid as bring their MP5 out in kit form. But if they do, you can bet that people will jump on it too. I'm trying now and have been for many moths to turn people away from the kits. Some have heeded my advice, but most have not.

And this is yet another "committment" reason I gave earlier. To understand and acknowledge the risks involved, and be prepared to deal with problems when they arise.

My God, I'm so tired of talking about this.
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