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Fair enough. I see where you are coming from with the SCK point. I was speaking more from the idea of a factorybuilt PTW anyways.

In terms of cost. Yes it is quite a lot. More than I want to dish out at the moment. But if you look at it this way, the cost is not quite as high as you put it. What was the price of a factory built PTW with mags from one of the pre-orders in the classifieds? Like ~$2200? I'm sure there are people on ASC that are quite capable and willing to pay that price for one gun that will be a good performer as opposed to purchasing several different tuned AEGs that quickly add up to that cost.
To reiterate, airsoft is a hobby. People can spend whatever they feel necessary to gain satisfaction (and we know how crazy some people can get with gear-whoring and such).
A PTW isn't quite at the level of cost required by car-tuning enthusiasts so it isn't one of those financially "impossible" dreams
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