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Now, I can admit that I have partaken of the "fanboy-ism" aspect of the gun. It's hard not to. But far too often, people hear "It's da shit!!" and say "I gotz ta have!" and don't really realize all that is involved.

I took a huge risk buying my first MAX. The Gen 1 was less than impressive, but I could see potential in the design. Nobody else in Canada at that time had a MAX (that I was ever aware of), so I bit the bullet and bought it. I used it, and bought another as back-up, not knowing what the reliability truly was going to be. After playing this season with it, my love for them grows (aaahh!!) and I still love the design and peformance. But it comes with a price, and a large one at that, even after you've bought the gun and related accessories.

The gun is physically hard on you, being as heavy as it is (heavier than the real thing I might add). The mags are much heavier, and they wear on even quality gear much harder than any Marui mag ever could.

Sure, you might see parts for PTW on-line somewhere, but it doesn't mean you can actually get them. Some places won't ship to Canada at all, and some can't get a common part because none are available currently, or it's out of an order cycle. With another AEG, if you can't get the Marui part you want, you get it from Classic Army or someone else. Not so at all with proprietary PTW parts. You're pretty much fucked.

You can't really "tinker" with a PTW. There are really no adjustments (except motor height) to be made, nothing to tweak except the hop-up.

What I was trying to say and actually did, was that you have to be able to either have multiple PTWs or have 1 plus others. This does not seem to be an issue with factory-built guns, as they do not seem to fail with anywhere near the regularity of the kits. This takes a huge committment financially, and where was this ever posted before except in this thread. I took the time to remind people from someone who has one (not someone who wants one) what all is involved, and this decision is not and should not be an impulsive one.

I have been accused by ASC members in the past of promoting the PTW. They bought (kits I might add) based solely (or so they say) on my opinion and were horribly diasappointed when it didn't perform as mine do. So, now you understand why fanboyism must give way to reality, and people should not get caught up in it.

I'm not saying that people should not buy an MP5 at all. What I'm saying is that you are buying a platform not a gun. The MP5 is only a shell, and likely a cheap one at that (Japanese law). You are buying the internals, the expensive mags, cylinder kits (if available or whatever new system they use), and this all costs money, huge money. Far more than any other regularly available airsoft gun.

And people just don't realize that.
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