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It's a BB gun.

Someone went to the trouble of making the worlds most technologically advanced BB gun. But it still just shoots BBs. A puff of air lobs some plastic.

There's maybe going to be two models now.

Some people who didn't buy the armalite are thinking "whoa, shit - awesome. I didn't buy the armalite, but I really like MP5's so I might think about this now".

How is there an argument happening about this?

I'd buy an MP5 before an armalite if it used the PTW system. The armalites sounded really cool. Not interested enough to bother buying one though. I also didn't need to own the armalite first to be capable of owning and operating a different model BB gun.

It's not fucking rocket science. It's marketing. BB gun marketing.

There's no need for anyone to be an asshole about it because they need to justify how much money they spent. Anyone who gets a feeling of superiority because they bought a Systema PTW might have a few issues...
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