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You want me to apologize? Sure I will. I apologize for that off-topic rant.
But back on topic, I don't agree with your reasoning/argument. If I wanted a gun that I could make use of the quick change cylinder system of the PTW, but I don't like an AR. Systema comes out with a (insert model of choice), that I like. Are you saying I'm wrong to have a desire to want that gun, and that I don't deserve it?

As someone has already pointed out, the "extra committment required" you put forth doesn't really float because if you tinker with upgraded guns then you know it can take a shitload even with a non-PTW gun. And as for "diagnosing problems and troubleshooting" with a new system like a PTW. It's a process that can be learned. Sure parts may not be as readily available in CANADA as regular AEG parts, but it doesn't mean they can't be ordered elsewhere.
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