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Originally Posted by GrieverX View Post
You make no fucking sense at all macguyver. Yeah I think it is a given that you should do some research before you make any purchase, but what the fuck does that have to do with that bullshit about "platforms" and whatnot that you have been spouting in the last few pages?
If there is a gun model someone likes, then I think it is more than reasonable for them to consider a purchase. Whether or not the original poster is serious or not, I don't know nor do I think it really matters. I just think it is pretty bullshit of you to impose this "you don't deserve to buy this gun because you don't have my experience" mentality.

Do you work for Systema? I don't think so. Granted you have previous experience with their products, it doesn't mean jack shit. As you have mentioned yourself. We don't know what the MP5 PTW will be like (if it ever comes out), but what if it ends up being a successful design like the Armalite PTW? What if it is a flop? What does it matter to you? Last time I checked unless you are going to sending one of these to my house for Christmas, it is really none of your concern whether or not I (or any other consumer) wants in on a new product.

I just want to restate, I have NOTHING against researching before purchasing. In fact I highly recommend any beginner to do so, but I just think ultimately it is in the hands of the buyer whether or not he is willing to try a new product. Also, just because you have a PTW currently doesn't make you a better player (both on and off the field), so lay off the "holier than thou" attitude.
There is no "holier than thou" attitude here, unless it comes from you. Those who PM me with questions and problems always get the best answer I can give them. Why should I bother, if I'm so much better than you? I could tell guys to fuck-off and figure it out for themselves, and not waste my precious time and energy on the little people, when I'm so much better than you? Give me a freakin break!!

Did you even bother to read my posts, or did your dick get hard with one line and you had to fire a volley back? Case in point:

Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Systema does NOT make you a better player. In fact, it makes you a worse player by lulling you into a sense of complacency due to the extreme performance of the gun. It makes you reliant on it, and you tend to become lazy. You start to think things like "Gee, I can hit that guy from here. No need to risk getting hit myself".

Go buy what you want. Spend what you want. You'll find out.
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