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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
This was point. Thank you. I don't know how I could say it any more plain, and still take the effort to give many, many reasons why this is the case.

Read my freakin' posts, people!!!

I think part of the problem is that in recent months, there's been a lot (too much) enthusiasm from the PTW crowd, not to say fanboyism.

Having a decent chunk of disposable income, I've watched this evolve from the start, and I never thought this was for everyone, and still do not. Unfortunately, a lot of people are propping it up to be the Be All and End All of airsoft, the last gun you'll ever need to own, running perfectly out of the box and you'll never have to drop another dime into your gun except for BBs and the electricity needed to charge the battery.

Of course, anyone who's ever owned something high end -- be it electronics, cars, computers, or anything else -- knows this is never the case. And when something does go wrong, high end products incur high priced repair bills.

Nonetheless, people are going "ZOMG THis r gonna be awes0mez!11" and/or belittling other AEGs in favor of the PTW. That, of course, makes as much sense as belittling a BMW M3 because it's not a Porsche Carrera GT; no shit it isn't, but it never claimed or tried to be, which isn't to say its a piece of shit, either. Granted, the airsoft community seems to be polarizing towards either high end PTWs or total piece of shit economy guns lately, but I think there's still a relatively silent majority of players holding the middle ground with decent, well upgraded, properly-performing AEGs.

Point in case, a lot of people don't get the "PTW concept" (to paraphrase you [mcguyver]) simply because they're getting told "get a PTW, its the best AEG."

PTWs really shouldn't be promoted as just another AEG alternative, like CA and ICS were 4-5 years ago when they first came out with alternatives to TM. Yet this is exactly what a lot of people have been doing.

Sure I could go out and buy a fully assembled PTW, maybe two. But I don't really want to, and I most likely won't. For the price, I get way more enjoyment putting a good AEG together. Hell, for the price, I get way more enjoyment putting several good AEGs together. Ive been working on AEGs for close to 10 years, and I had the privilege of having someone proficient to teach me when I started; I've been through a lot of different parts over the years, some have worked well, some have failed miserably. But by now I do know how to put together a good mechbox. And I actually get quite a bit of pleasure putting together a gun, its 50% of the fun I get out of airsoft.

Now some people can't. They cheap out on parts, they do sloppy work. You know the kind of people I'm talking about. But now tell me honestly, do you really think a PTW is for them? They really should be getting directly to good quality, factory upgraded and ready-to-go AEGs, not PTWs.

As for the added realism of the PTW, it's a perk, but it's not vital -- no matter how much some people want it to be. There's a line of discussion I really don't want to get into, so I'll just cut right to the point and say I know there are people who train with AEGs, and they're fine with that; they go through the motions, even if the airsoft doesn't require it. Things like hitting the bolt release after reloading are basic enough that they don't need circuitry to cut out the trigger and remind them to do it. Granted that isn't everyone; some forces are buying some PTWs. But not everyone out in "the real world" feels they're the ultimate solution, either.
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