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Originally Posted by GrieverX View Post
You seriously need to get your ass out of your head buddy. Were you not the same person who in the past has "sworn by the PTW" while looking down at all other brands of AEGs and telling others to follow suite if they were smart? I just find it odd that it seems like all of a sudden you are telling everyone not to get a PTW.

Whats wrong? Too many of them in the country now? Don't feel so special anymore? In the end it is still just a fucking hobby. Christ, a little less hubris would do you some good.

I still believe that the PTW is the best platform available. Sure, it may have some quirks that some may not like. Some don't like the bolt release, some don't like the mag loading. Others don't like the stock. Some don't like the hop-up. I have no problems with any of this.

The problem I do have is everyone wanting to jump on the PTW bandwagon and few have really thought it through. Many people bought them last spring, when supply was good. Now, when supply is not good, far too many are buying kits just to get in the game. See how many guys say "OMFG!! MP5 PTW. I Gots to have!!" We know nothing about it. Those who want it likely know zero about the AR version of the PTW. Sure, maybe they read my posts or posts by others, or they saw one at a game, or maybe they even got to test-fire one. But that means shit.

I would personally like to see the PTW as the only available gun, from any manufacturer. But that is unrealistic and not necessarily the best for those who want other roles or weapons.

Do peole really realize what you have to do to get a PTW these days? Or parts, or accessories? Do they know who to get them from, and who not to? Do you really think I'd like to spend my Saturday eveing trying to convince you guys that maybe you should consider, and I mean really consider, what getting a PTW means? It means compromise. You can't own a PTW and all the related accessoires, and still have an arsenal of other guns to chose from. If you can, you are the wealthiest player here, and more power to you.

And what will the MP5 PTW be? Will it be a fully modular platform like the AR series? Will it use the same gearbox arrangement? Will it be another $5000+ investment? Or will it be a $599 U.S. metal-bodied gun with a Systema complete mechbox? Will it have electronics problems like the Gen 1-2 PTWs did? Will Systema's insistance on using only real HK mag shells still hold true, and will they be $100+ US like originally projected years ago? Will it have all the features that make the PTW what it is, or will it be a compromise?

The point is, nobody knows. But I can tell you for sure that if it's a new and different platform from what the PTW is currently, are you going to want to sell every gun you own and then some to buy one, just one, when it has not been tried and tested for years?

I think someone else needs to get their head out of their ass, look around a bit before piping up about about something you know jack shit about (in fact, nobody except Systema knows about, anywhere), and get a reality check.

What idiot in their right mind is going to sell the farm to get a gun nobody knows about, or has no idea what lay in-store for them? This is the committment I speak of.
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