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Dracheous, do you know what the platform of the MP5 is? Do you know it's performance, cost, availability or options?

No, you don't.

I've seen all kinds of fanboy-ism on this site. Evryone goes "OMG!! FAL!! I'm so getting it", then when a FAL comes out, that same guy goes "Meh!!, not for me". People, and especially airsofters, are fickle. They have usually no idea what a gun is about until after they have it.

Look at the classifieds a month or 2 after Company X releases a gun. How many of the latest, newest models comes up for sale? How many used PTWs have you seen for sale? There have been none, a few new revenue guns, but none used.

The platform of the gun is what gives you your performance, but you must invest. You are not only buying a $2500 gun (which will likely be $3000 in January), but you are buying $1000+ in cylinder kits and batteries, plus the money to invest in mags and accessory upgrades. This is now a $4000-$5000 gun, with virtually nothing interchangable with anything else.

How many guys can make that committment? And it is a committment, not only financially, but the committment extend to being able to wait for the assembled gun, and not being sucked in to those damn kits because they are a few bucks cheaper and readily available. The committment is also being able maintain and feed your gun, and not taking the cheap and easy route.

How many guys can afford the PTW, and still have a back-up? Guys who buy kits need to do that, as the kits fail routinely, despite your best efforts. And parts are not always readily available, nor are they cheap.

This is my firss-hand experience with 3 years owning a PTW. You have none. And nobody has any experience with the MP5.

This point is moot until the MP5 is shipping and people are using them.
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