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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
I don't think you guys get it. In fact, I'm certain of it.

Systema's selling feature is not it's out-of-the-box performance. Its the whole platform. The performance is a bonus.
Bonus? $2500 and performance is the bonus? I think that you've forgotten that you are comparing a device designed for military and law enforcement personnel training like I've already stated to a god damned toy

Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Do you even realize who buys PTWs and what they buy? I do, because I get PM'd about several times each and every day. They are first-time gun owners, or they are veteran players tired of other guns. Some buy the guns factory assembled, and nearly all buy kits. And those kits are the worst thing Systema EVER did. People have problems of all kinds, from minor to severe to catastrophic. And all cost money, big money to fix. And most owners have no idea how to fix them, or where to get parts, or what parts to get. You can't just go to Redwolf or Jugglez and order parts.

So, if you have some inside knowledge into the PTWs that I don't have, let's hear it!!
Yes, me. However I do not go wavering it around that people who buy PTW buy it cause its PTW. Its an airsoft device that I get to use in shooting my friends on the weekend.

You failed to understand that I find your statement "Those who would not buy a PTW because it was an AR should not buy the MP5." What the fuck man, people buy PTW for its performance. Are YOU going to tell me right now fair and honest that if the PTW shot 25 feet and weak as an EBB that you would spend $2500 on it? NO! You are paying $2500 for THEE most accurate ((scale)), reliable and performing AEG on the market. Any other answer is is bullshit or just from a retarded person. Would you pay $250,000 for a Civic? Not if it wasn't gold plated and did 0 to light-speed in 6 flat.

And if someone likes an MP5 over an AR, they must now LOVE the AR just to own the MP5 PTW? HORSE... SHIT!

And as for "OOOh these things use parts that are hard to get!" Well then, I must be dedicated if I own WA or WE? Those are hard to get parts for, can't always go hit up Redwolf for them now can ya. Maruzen's pretty hard to get parts for right now pending your platform, a lot of the upgraded parts are being discontinued, will sure be hard to get them.

Your also part of the issue on this "lulling", but its not only PTW's that do that, Star M60's can do it too, and thats a funny sight 6ft 4 asian doing the Rambo seen top of a hill only to look at his chest, shot by a "lesser" TM M14. No one here on ASC is buying these guns for tactical training purposes as military or LE personnel ((Yes there are AF and LE members here, but they have issued shit they get to play with and train)), its all for the very fun game/sport/hobby/picnic/clubwar/weekendwarrior/hoedown event of airsoft.

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