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Originally Posted by Buds and Suds View Post
I was firing these bb's from both the mp5 PDW and my CA m15. Both guns got a jam with these bb's. Or maybe its coincidence. Either way, ill use em up and go back to the KSC and MT ones ive been using. Trial and error and sticking with what works is name of the game for me with this. Never had any issues with those ones.
Pull it back a bit Amos, I know what it is im useing.
I am thinking the bb's you got were not airsoft elite bb's but some cheap brand repackaged. If you compair your newly aquired bb's with Metal Tech bb's you will see a difference. The reason is that airsoft elite and Metal Tech are from the same factory. Oh yeah and on another note both AE and MT bb's are guaranteed to be of the best quality.

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