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I don't think you guys get it. In fact, I'm certain of it.

Systema's selling feature is not it's out-of-the-box performance. Its the whole platform. The performance is a bonus.

Systema does NOT make you a better player. In fact, it makes you a worse player by lulling you into a sense of complacency due to the extreme performance of the gun. It makes you reliant on it, and you tend to become lazy. You start to think things like "Gee, I can hit that guy from here. No need to risk getting hit myself".

People who would only buy a PTW because it's an MP5 are looking to buy a gun. They aren't interested in it because of it's platform. If they were, they would already own the M4 version with no reservations. Its not a matter of buying a gun because you like the model, or not buying it because you don't like the model.

If you buy one, can you afford to fix it of it breaks? Could you diagnose a problem? Do you know the engineering principles behind the gun and tailor your ammo and maintenance accordingly? I doubt it.

The absurd rebuttals come from those who don't own them, and know very little about them. Did anyone realize the picture in the first post is from 2004? I'm betting not, and who's to say if the newly-released PTW will look anything like the model pictured.

I've owned PTWs for longer than most people knew they even existed, so I think I know what I'm talking about here.
Originally Posted by Dracheous View Post
This has got to be the most absurd statement I think I have ever read on ASC, and I mean ever, including when Crab was around!

There are many people that play this game that do not like AR's, and when SystemA, comes out with a PTW version of the weapon they prefer I am sure those people would like to jump at such a prospect. Also I find it insulting, that you would dare state that any other device does not require the same amount of "dedication" as a PTW which is UTTER bullshit. Any "lesser" AEG will wear down and have parts break, requiring such person to have to take time and money to invest into their device to get it working again. With the Max versions out, what I'm told, BY YOU ((and other players that own PTW I've talked to)) and all your ravings about these devices is all you gotta do is shell out for it, drop lube here and there into it and change out an O-ring in the cylinder every once and a while.
Do you even realize who buys PTWs and what they buy? I do, because I get PM'd about several times each and every day. They are first-time gun owners, or they are veteran players tired of other guns. Some buy the guns factory assembled, and nearly all buy kits. And those kits are the worst thing Systema EVER did. People have problems of all kinds, from minor to severe to catastrophic. And all cost money, big money to fix. And most owners have no idea how to fix them, or where to get parts, or what parts to get. You can't just go to Redwolf or Jugglez and order parts.

Most players who want a PTW are going to get:

A) what they can afford or:

B) what is available.

And in nearly all occasions, it's the damn kits. If you knew how many PMs I get on here and other forums about those kits, I assure you, you'd never buy one. And guys do, even after I've given them the advice not to get it, and admit "I know, but I couldn't wait" or "I just had to get it". These are not the guys who take the committment of what is likely to come seriously. Many guys have to se4ll of nearly everything they own just to afford them. I know, I did. But will they have the resources to have a back-up gun should theirs go down, and still be able to afford to play and spend maybe $600-$800 on new electronics and a new motor if necessary?

You fail to see why I call it a committment. When a Classic Army gun breaks, parts are easy to find, cheap and available. Not so for a PTW, but stioll everyone wants to get on the SCK-bandwagon because they believe they can get away cheaper and easier. Not so at all my friend.

So, if you have some inside knowledge into the PTWs that I don't have, let's hear it!!
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