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I gotta agree with Dracheous.

I don't see how a gun, that's main selling point is it operates amazingly out of a box, needs more commitment and dedication than other guns.

I spent months shopping around for my AK47 - buying parts here and there, making parts when I had too, (almost losing fingers in the process), and in the end I have a full steel, full wood, TM Based AK47 with an adequately upgraded mechbox, for only ~$700.

I would hope that the only commitment for a PTW is enough free cash, because with something costing nearly 5 times what's adequate, I would expect NOT to spend hours tweaking and working on my gun; other than some simple maintenance once in a while.

Having a PTW doesn't make anyone a super-player. With enough skill and knowledge you can be a super player with any gun. I mean, look at the guys who end up with 9+ knife kills at the end of the day, they didn't even need a gun.
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