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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
You can't go to Shot Show unless you are an industry insider (manufacturer, distributor or retailer). It's not open to the public, and even those on the inside are not allowed to take pictures of all the things shown there.

"IF" it becomes available, good luck getting one anytime soon.

And, you are not buying an MP5, but the PTW platform. Currently, it only exists in the form of an AR. If you didn't buy one because you don't like an AR, don't buy the MP5. You buy the platform, not the gun, and the PTW is not for you. These aren't fashionable "guns of the week" and require a committment more serious than you can possibly imagine
oh la, i dunno that. but whatever, thx for mention that

well, i get what you are saying, but when you want something, it just go crazy sometimes.. and saving up 2-3 month for a PTW seems more valueable and satisfiable for me than any others, but it's personal preference, you know.

and yes i nearly have the cash now, next next pay will get enough for a M4A1 MAX and accersories. but i am kind of want to wait to feb and see what happens

i am getting a PTW anyway
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