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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
And, you are not buying an MP5, but the PTW platform. Currently, it only exists in the form of an AR. If you didn't buy one because you don't like an AR, don't buy the MP5. You buy the platform, not the gun, and the PTW is not for you. These aren't fashionable "guns of the week" and require a committment more serious than you can possibly imagine
This has got to be the most absurd statement I think I have ever read on ASC, and I mean ever, including when Crab was around!

People have tolerances and preferences. Why pay $2500 for a device intended to replicate an AR to a T, if you don't like AR? PTW's are by far thee best airsoft devices on the market, they have made made revolutions in internal designs to not only make the device the more accurate but also damn near indestructible using better materials. However, PTW's are STILL being modified and bugs worked out, just look at the MAX from the PTW V.1's. Like any other device. You do not pay $2500, for an AR no, you pay $2500 because of the internal design to it. But if you don't like AR's at all, WHY pay $2500 when $800 will suffice for airsoft? I am really thinking that you have forgotten that you are comparing a device intended for professional training to be used by military and law enforcement personnel, to devices made for a bunch of guys using TOYS to play a game on the weekend.

There are many people that play this game that do not like AR's, and when SystemA, comes out with a PTW version of the weapon they prefer I am sure those people would like to jump at such a prospect. Also I find it insulting, that you would dare state that any other device does not require the same amount of "dedication" as a PTW which is UTTER bullshit. Any "lesser" AEG will wear down and have parts break, requiring such person to have to take time and money to invest into their device to get it working again. With the Max versions out, what I'm told, BY YOU ((and other players that own PTW I've talked to)) and all your ravings about these devices is all you gotta do is shell out for it, drop lube here and there into it and change out an O-ring in the cylinder every once and a while.

EDIT: As for the MP5's, I can't wait. They offer so much more than AR's in some departments. IE. you can carry more magazines in less space, which is good if you're a sniper/spotter or on recon because you're trying to keep it light. Also MP5's are supreme for CQB environments, proof of this? Look at SWAT teams around the world, mostly seen weapon is an MP5 of one variant or another. AR's are a dying race, and with their newer versions coming out still more expensive than HK's wonder work horses it is not difficult to foresee the MP5 holding its place in military and LE use for a long time. SystemA is wise to introduce it as the next Personnel Training Weapon.

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