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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
All I know is its not me!

I reserve judgement until I hear the other side of the story. It all depends on if these items were advertised as new, or, if you were looking for the best price you could get and the retailer offered you used parts and side counter items in an effort to save you money and made the deal with you on the basis. That being said, I myself have been screwed with "new" parts in the past, so it would not surprise me.

Going through the trash disposal section with the number of newbie requests for $100 guns and supercheap deals, I would not be surprised if this is the case here.
Nope, these items are advertised as new. But the bb's were in a ziplock as the retailer buys them in bulk then rebags them.
As long as the newly sent pinion gear is good my only issue will be inconvinence of waiting another week for it. The retailer has been very pleasent to deal with.
this is a review of the bb's
I have never bought this brand before but this part of the review made me chuckle :
"For a BB you require three main strengths:

* Accuracy when fired - obviously you want your round to go where you want
* No jamming - you really don't want it to jam and/or damage your rifle/pistol
* No splitting or smashing on impact - When skirmishing in confined areas (specifically CQB), you really don't want your BBs splitting into pieces if they hit a wall, and then showering your colleagues with sharp bits of plastic. Not particularly pleasant if they smash and the shards go through someone's goggles either. "

I had problems with ALL 3 of these points with these bb's. My shots drifted, had 3 jams in about 400 rounds, and I found one that had split. Plus the added 4 bbs I found with manufacture flaws. Maybe flaws are typical in any bag of bb's, im not sure.
As for the gun, ill reserve judgement till I try every other option to find out where the problem is. It just burns me that I order 3 new items, and get 3 problems. Maybe its bad karma for leaving the toilet seat up on my girlfriend.

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